It is the policy of GCP to nurture the aspirations of all students - irrespective of caste, sex, religion and financial background. Mentoring of students thus, is an essential feature to render equitable service to all our students having varied background. Student-mentorship has the following aims:

  • To enhance teacher-student contact hours
  • To enhance students’ academic performance and attendance
  • To minimise student drop-out rates
  • To identify and understand the status of slow learners and encourage advanced learners
  • To render equitable service to students

With a wide variation in the student population in regard to educational and socioeconomic background, the system promises to provide a better understanding of individual students and bring out their highest potential. It also appears to be the most effective tool for mitigating cases of those students who are vulnerable to drop-out from studies. A Mentoring Format with Guidelines is implemented to ensure uniformity.

  • Mentors maintain and update the Mentoring Format which contains space for entering particulars and performance of students (class tests, monthly attendance records, etc.)
  • After collecting all necessary information, Mentors are expected to offer guidance and counselling, as and when required.
  • It is the practice of Mentors to meet students individually or in groups.
  • In isolated cases parents are called for counselling/special meetings with the Principal at the suggestion of the Mentor.
  • If a student is identified as having weakness in particular subject, it is the duty of the Mentor to apprise the concerned subject teacher.