Md. Mojibur Rahaman

Director, Gitanjali Foundation

"Every student can learn,

just not at the same time, or in the same way"

- George Evans

I believe that education has the most critical role to play in the progress of a nation. We realize that our students represent the future of our society and we take our responsibility seriously.

At Gitanjali College of Pharmacy (GCP), we strive to create and nurture an education ecosystem that inculcate knowledge, train young hands for advanced technological skill, sensitize for morale and ethics. The philosophy of GCP is to transform and redefine the educational process in order to create a new system that is able to produce a new generation of professional humane.

My vision is to give affordable high quality professional education that not only generates high employment potential to the youth of the country but also the promote institute of higher learning equipped with sophisticated infrastructural facilities. Added to this, it is the mission of the college to develop versatile personality in the students with inculcation of sound ethics and moral values.

Gitanjali College of Pharmacy endeavors to educate students to become complete professionals capable enough to strengthen the health care system of our nation and prepare them to become role models in their chosen profession.