Md. Habibur Rahaman

Chairman, Gitanjali Foundation

“With right resources today we can expand our impact

 to affect more places with greater depth of solution,

while educating and preparing pharmacist for tomorrow”


Excellence in every system of life can be achieved by empowerment of education and knowledge. It enables the society to grow in real sense by overcoming poverty, ignorance and low esteem. Keeping this thought as a sole focused mission and the vision, Gitanjali Foundation plays its humble role in the country’s march towards prosperity and global leadership by imparting world class education to its students.

This is a rising time for pharmacy profession. With advancement in medicines and healthcare system, our country facing a critical shortage in the area of healthcare delivery – the qualified Pharmacists. The demand for pharmaceutical services is expanding dramatically in community pharmacy, healthcare system, pharmaceutical industry, research & development. This rapidly expanding and dynamic profession offers wealth of opportunities in familiar and unfamiliar settings.

Gitanjali College of Pharmacy is committed to orient, excel and expand opportunities for our students. With qualified, experienced & enthusiastic faculty members, capable staffs and modern infrastructure, GCP is providing world class education and training to each of our students for their holistic development.